BBQ-grills and smoking ovens – Big BBQ grill

Big BBQ grill

Grill which you can use as  BBQ (barbacue) -grill, ordinary char coal grill, as smoking oven and also as outside stove.

Technical specifications:


2,0 mm carbon steel
Stove: cast iron


Height (without chimney): 900 mm
Total lenght: 1350 mm
Lenght of grill area: 820mm x 380mm
Cast iron stove: 410mm x 340mm
Chimney diameter: 105mm
Weight:  67 kg

Paint: heat resistance >400 C

Kit: grill, portable stove, portable legs, wheels (2x), chimney (1m), cast iron stove plate, cast iron fire grate, stainless grill grate, wooden plate

Extras: thermometer

NB! Possible to order grill from stainless steel.